Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I wrote this e-mail to my sister on Monday morning; she is the perfect audience for a nice stream of consciousness e-mail because she is actually interested in silly little mundane life details - sisters are good like that.

I went to Eastern Market (small flea + artisans + food) yesterday morning; it is my happy place. There were exactly 52 pieces of furniture that I wanted to buy and were all good deals. Thus, I am again sad that we have to leave D.C. because otherwise I could buy pretty, good deal furniture.

Here's a good story for you: I was talking to a flea market seller lady and asked if she knew of places I could get old maps for cheap because I like to cut them up and make stuff. She said no and was I a teacher. I said no, attorney actually. Then a few minutes later I asked her how much a pair of earrings was because I wanted to take off the backs and make them into magnets. She looks at me incredulously and said "So are you an attorney because your parents made you?" Ha. Nope, not so much, just love making crafty stuff out of old ish.

And, love the law too. And, love, love, love Washington, D.C. - trying desperately to move here permanently. As my Grandmom would say, we shall see.